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The Wudang Sect began during the Ming Dynasty. The famous Taoist Zhang Sanfeng established the Sect on Wudang Mountain near the city of Jun, located in Hubei province. Wudang is renowned for its mountain range: Mount Canshang and Mount Taihe are two of the most well-known and their soaring peaks and deep valleys have inspired generations. In fact, in ancient times it was thought that the main peak, Tianzhu Peak, propped up the sky. In addition, Wudang Mountain is known as “nature’s pharmacy” for there are over 400 different kinds of herbs that grow there.

The Wudang tend to prefer the use of swords: one of the ancient short weapons, it is widely regarded as the “gentleman of weapons.” These ancient swords are forged from metal; they are long and the tip is fashioned to form a three-point cutting edge. The Wudang are also known for their use of the twin-sword.

Fighting Style
Their attacks are powerful yet yielding, they can be direct or hidden. They are skilled in ranged attacks, assisting with recovery, and helping other team members, furthermore, they have very strong survival capabilities. Their main weakness is in defending themselves during ranged (AOE) combat.
The Wudang Sect, apart from spreading the ideology of Taoism, advocates utilising the opponent’s force, making use of so-called ‘soft techniques’ in its martial arts. Tai Chi specialises in combining form and spirit, and using intention over force. Wudang kung fu emphasises the importance of self-cultivation: it does not focus on the development of force as with the other schools, but on the refining of internal skill. The so-called ‘defeating a thousand pounds with four ounces’ developed from Zhang Sanfeng’s self-realisation, employs the Taoist notions of emptiness and flexibility and occupies the highest position of all the sects and schools.

Sect’s Position
They believe in the theory of ‘conquering the unyielding with the yielding’. The mental cultivation methods of Wudang can be regarded as the fist of internal force. It belonged to the Quanzhen school of Taoism. Its disciples often went down the mountain to save the people. This faction is as famous as Shaolin and is held in high esteem in the Jianghu.
Wudang is a Righteous Sect

School Rules

● Did not wear proper clothing (+10 PP)
● Kill a player from own school (+40 PP)
● Slaughter Value more than 2,000 (+20 PP)
● Kidnap a player (+10 PP)
● Sell a kidnapped player (+10 PP)
● Rob a caravan (+10 PP)
● Prison Break (+30 PP)

Martial Arts

● Taiji Fist
● Taiji Sword
● Dragon Slaying Sword

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